simply inspirational

simply me is a bath, body and spa company created by me, Nicole, stepping out on faith with the desire to reach that one person who may need some inspiration.

So, how did this become a thing for me?  Good question.  I am a f-a-n-a-t-i-c about lotions and body washes and candles.  And one day, it happened.  I was in a store with my family walking around, and my radar instantly zeroed in on the lotions and soaps and soaks.  I was in heaven...well, almost, but not quite.  

​I got home with my new product all excited to use them.  Then, I thought, "Let me also see what luscious ingredients were inside."  Not sure what came over me, but I started having this burning desire to make my own product.  So, I said to myself..."Self, we can do this."  And that's where it all began.  I now make and sell my own body butters, lotions, soaps, and more...simply.  

Now, with a love of all-things-luxurious, I have shaped my passion into a plan and purpose to share with others.  Body butters, soaps, lotions…oh my!  simply me products will give you the fabulous skin and body care that you seek to use daily.  And there is a little extra faith-based inspiration for the soul included on all my products.  My way of trying to reach the one person who may need a Scripture to begin or end their day - or just to get through the midst of their day.  Whatever the situation, I want to share my faith in Jesus with as many people as I can.

​Yep that's it.  simply me - Creating products that comfort, soothe, pamper, and inspire…simply.