heat notice

Many of the products that we make (whipped body butters, lotions, lip balms, etc.) do not necessarily ship well during warmer/hotter months of the year.  We will ship our products the full 12 months of the year; however, we will ship heat-sensitive products in a manner that is best suited for the product (i.e. whipped body butter).  With this in mind, all packages that contain products that may melt or be adversely affected – due to the time of the year or the final destination to which the products are being sent – will be packed with thermal wrap and may contain gel ice packs.  We will also ship these via priority shipping in order to get you the package as quickly and effectively as possible. The softening or melting of product may be unavoidable during warmer months.  Please take this into consideration.  You can allow the product to cool to room temperature prior to using and it will re-solidify.  Again, we will take precautions in attempt to avoid this from occurring to your order.

Please keep in mind that we begin formulating and selling our emulsified body butters beginning in March.  While we still create the whipped body butters all year (because they are the customer "favorite"), the emulsified body butters - like the lotions and body milks - will not melt and are great alternatives during the hotter summer months.  This will not change the manner in which we ship items in efforts to get them to the destination unmelted or un-adversely (yep, just made up that word) affected by extreme heat.  We also generally only ship between Mondays and Wednesdays during the hotter months.  This helps to ensure that your product is not sitting in a warehouse waiting to be sorted and delivered over a long weekend.