allergy notice

At simply me, we use many different ingredients in our natural and organic formulations.  And while we make every effort to ensure a sanitized environment for each batch of product made, we are not able to guarantee that ingredients have not come into contact with other ingredients. Our products are made up of oils and butters that are derived from natural nuts, seeds, and fruit.  Please take care in reading through the ingredients of each product you have an interest in purchasing to ensure those items do not contain an ingredient to which you have an allergy.  

If there is a product you are interested in purchasing but it contains something that you have an allergy to (i.e. almond oil), please reach out and we can review and do our best at assessing whether or not we are able to accommodate your needs with a substitute product that we offer. We unfortunately will not be able to make changes to products in a way that would compromise the stability or performance of the product. Ultimately, while we want to be able to share all of our wonderful products with everyone, we understand too that our product may not be suitable for all customers.  If you have any questions regarding a product, please feel free to reach out to us.